Jobs and Business Opportunities at Vernon Lights Festival


Food Vendors

Bring your own delicious cuisine to Vernon Lights Festival! Food is an important component of culture and history, with each dish’s special preparation, origin, ingredients, and taste. We are interested in offering varied dishes and allowing visitors to take little bites of cultures from around the world. Space is limited, so please fill out the form below, to request more details.


Live Bands

Vernon Lights Festival would like to invite various bands of different styles to bring our visitors affordable and great music to listen to. It can be rock, country, jazz, a cappella, R&B, wood wind or brass ensembles – anything to show off your talent and give listeners a great time. Please fill out the form below, if you are interested in performing.


Education Coordinator

Vernon Lights Festival is encouraging younger children to be more culturally aware. As such, we are reaching out to any elementary or middle schools that would like to conduct a field trip to Vernon Lights Festival during the daytime. Please fill out the form below, to request information regarding coordinating these fun and educational trips.



Vernon Lights Festival is looking for different levels of sponsors to support this Festival in giving a great experience to all its visitors. In turn, Vernon Lights Festival will also promote each sponsor so that they receive great benefits as well. Vernon Lights Festival has many different promotional avenues, including posters, flyers, banners, TV, radio, magazine, billboard, and social media. Please fill out the form below, to request more information regarding the Sponsorship Package.


Gift Shops

The holiday season is the perfect time to be looking for gifts and souvenirs, so there’s nowhere better to sell your goods than at Vernon Lights Festival. Space is limited, so please please fill out the form below, to request more details.

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